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As of late 2015, our mailing address for donations has changed. If you mailed a check to another address and the check was returned, kindly resend it to:
NEMSN Attn: Michael Bird, Treasurer
315 West Kirkwood Avenue #403
Bloomington IN 47404

A Note From Our Treasurer

Michael Bird


Money, money, money, money---------M-O-N-E-Y. So goes the theme song that introduces each weekly episode of “The Apprentice”, Donald Trump’s “contribution” to reality TV. NEMSN bears absolutely no resemblance to Mr. Trump or The Apprentice. However, it requires money to provide services.


NEMSN members, friends of the organization and victims of EMS have been very generous. Over the past four years that I have served as NEMSN’s Treasurer, $22,000 in donations have landed in my mailbox, destined for NEMSN’s bank account. For such a small group, we have big hearts and a lofty willingness to donate----money, energy and time.


Yes, I receive $5 checks, $25 money orders, the occasional three-digit donation and, very rarely thankfully, greenbacks. All are deposited expeditiously. All, regardless of their size or frequency, generate a written thank you. All make a difference!


In 2004, NEMSN prudently spent a substantial sum of money. $8,159 to be precise. This covered our normal expenses for producing and distributing the newsletter ($1,200 per issue). NEMSN continued with its upgrade of our webpage ( The NEMSN Board of Directors continued to meet by conference call (averaging $125 per meeting call; eight calls in 2004). In other words and regarding the past four years, NEMSN typically expends $4,000 - $5,000 annually to provide you with information, access, assistance and, hopefully, a sense of “being in this together.”


The Board of Directors decided last summer to participate directly in the National Institutes of Health conference on EMS conducted in October, 2004 in Bethesda, Maryland. The conference was borne out of NEMSN’s successful congressional lobbying two years ago. NEMSN incurred approximately $4,100 in one-time extraordinary costs. It was money well spent as several of the other articles in this issue explain. The Board made numerous personal contacts with key scientists, providers and clinicians. We got a sense of what future research opportunities could be pursued to address EMS and other immune-mediated diseases. We sent a face-to-face message to those who have studied EMS – but don’t have to live with it daily. In other words, the Board used your generous contributions wisely and effectively. The Board members returned home from the conference reinvigorated, realistic and with restored hope.


NEMSN ended 2004 with $7,132 in the bank. $2,400 of that is designated solely, per your previous donations, for resolving issues regarding the MDL documents. It cannot be used for other purposes. Therefore, we start 2005 with about the amount of money ($4,732) it takes to provide basic services and conduct our normal business.


Like many nonprofit organizations, NEMSN hit a bump in the road regarding total contributions received during 2004. NEMSN contributions totaled $2,923, substantially under amounts from previous years. The Board hopes that you can find it in your heart and resources to contribute more in 2005. Possibilities for renewed research, new congressional language, an ever-improving webpage, our periodic newsletter all take-------money! Contribute if you can. Contribute more if you can. And, whether you contribute or not, NEMSN is about all of us.




To Donate 


NEMSN is a non-profit organization which exists through the generous donations from the community . Without your help, we could not provide the information and support for people with EMS and their caregivers.


Please send your check to:

Attn: Michael Bird, Treasurer
315 West Kirkwood Avenue #403
Bloomington IN 47404



The National EMS Network is a non-profit organization with a tax-exempt status under section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service. Therefore gifts to NEMSN are tax-deductible.


Thank you!



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