NEMSN is a non-profit organization which exists through the generous donations from the community . Without your help, we could not provide the information and support for people with EMS and their caregivers.

Please send your donations to
Attn: Michael Bird, Treasurer
315 West Kirkwood Avenue #403
Bloomington IN 47404

If you have questions, please email Michael Bird at

A Note From Our Treasurer

Michael Bird

"Money makes the world go round".  So goes the old Broadway song.  Like the rest of the world, NEMSN requires money to provide services.

NEMSN members, friends of the organization and victims of EMS have been very generous. Over the past years that I have served as NEMSN’s Treasurer, thousands of dollars in donations have landed in my mailbox, destined for NEMSN’s bank account. For such a small group, we have big hearts and a lofty willingness to donate----money, energy and time.

Yes, I receive $5 checks, $25 money orders, the occasional three-digit donation and, very rarely thankfully, greenbacks. All are deposited expeditiously. All, regardless of their size or frequency, generate a written thank you. All make a difference!

NEMSN continues to try to provide you with information, access, assistance and, hopefully, a sense of “being in this together.”  We continue to update our website and produce newsletters when we can, totally by volunteer work.  We have a phone number for you to call for support and information on EMS.  We continue to expand our Medical Advisory Panel in an effort to bring the best expertise on EMS to our community.

The Board hopes that you can find it in your heart and resources to contribute.  We need you!   

Thank you!

The National EMS Network is a non-profit organization with a tax-exempt status under section 501 (C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service.
Therefore gifts to NEMSN are tax-deductible.